2 Important Keys to Give your Body the Attention it Deserves

We often think that taking care of our body is something dedicated for the young people who still “can do something” to prevent aging. It’s a big mistake to consider that we are not anymore in the stage of pamper us and caring about our image because every chapter in our life deserves to be lived at the fullest, and that includes giving our body and health special attention. 

Aging is a biological process that we need to accept with wisdom because it becomes part of our life. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t give our body the best preparation to grow feeling awesome inside and outside.

I would like to share with you two important aspects every person must work on if they want to age gracefully because it’s not enough just looking fabulous but actually feeling healthy with the vitality of keep enjoying the greatest moments with your loved ones. 

Start by your skin! 

Have in consideration that aging is a natural process of the skin that you can delay. The loss of elasticity, appearance of wrinkles, lines of expression and rough texture of the dermis are symptoms of a skin that has begun to age. 

Skin’s aging can take place due to many factors such as the weather, the toxins in the environment, food habits, stress, etc. Many people don’t know that all signs of aging must be treated at the same time to obtain visible and durable results. 

In this manner, whenever you look for a skin care treatment you need to have in mind three components that help effectively to fight the skin’s aging: 

  • Retexturizing: It contains properties that help epidermal renewal by visibly correcting wrinkles.
  • Firming: It helps the skin to recover its thickness and density. As the name implies, it affirms the dermis giving it a softer and more youthful appearance.
  • Moisturizers: They are responsible for reducing skin roughness, reinforcing the elasticity and protective barrier of the skin.

To meet these demands, US scientists identified the components of three products that combined, can rapidly and effectively improve multiple signs of skin aging. They are the Jasmonic Acid, the Hague tree extract and the Hyaluronic Acid.

Jasmonic acid is a retexturizer par excellence while the extract of the beech tree improves the firmness, thickness, and density of the skin. Look for them in the ingredients of the anti-aging products you buy.

 Introducing you the Biggest Cause of Aging:

For me, it’s really important telling you that one of the biggest factors that weaken the skin protection barrier is the presence of strong emotional tensions like the stress. I would like to remind you that this new disease is more frequent every day, affecting not only adults but children and teenagers too. 

Stress is one of the worst enemies of a young and healthy skin. 

The cortisol released with this reaction deteriorates the dermis and enhance the appearance of wrinkles. Many scientists support the hypothesis that one of the primary causes of aging is oxidative stress. Free radicals, caused by oxidative stress can damage the DNA, fats, and proteins in the body, leading to premature aging.

Oxidative stress not only ages your skin and external appearance but also deteriorates the internal cells of the body, reaching situations of degenerative diseases such as cancer or arteriosclerosis.

Many times, we normalize stress by considering it as a temporary stage in our lives attached to circumstance. It becomes a big problem when you get used to the stressful state of your body and you start to feel this way with any new event or change in your life. The stress is not normal and it’s more powerful and aggressive than aging to deteriorate not only your skin but also your health.

Dozens of diseases and conditions are extremely correlated with experiencing high levels of stress. Anytime that you feel this way, remember this should not be a “natural” state of your body, find some tools or exercises that help you deal with those tense emotions and get rid of that feeling. 

Yoga, meditation, and physical exercise are good options to deal with stress and reduce the episodes! 

Your skin is also a reflection of your emotions!

Products based on Rosa Gallica extract and Manosa are ideal to eliminate signs of stressed skin. Analgesic substances such as chamomile are also great to relax your skin. Glycerin-based products also increase and prolong hydration, helping to restore the skin's elasticity and smoothness.

What habits do you do to take care of your skin? Let us know! Our next post will feature habits you should avoid to prevent skin aging!