5 Habits You Should Avoid to Prevent Skin Aging:

There are good habits and there are the bad ones for your SKIN! Find out the top 5 habits you need to avoid to prevent your skin from aging! 


  1. Not sleeping enough - This affects the metabolism of your skin because its renovation takes place during the night. It’s proven that people who work through the night age sooner. When we sleep, the cells activate and repair the damage they suffer due to free radicals and toxins in the environment. Therefore, sleeping at least 7 hours is essential to keep the skin healthy and free of imperfections. I understand that sometimes you have a high level of activity in our lives. However, try to be organized with your time so you don’t have to sacrifice the moment when your body rests and regenerates itself for another day.
  2. Not drinking enough water - You wouldn’t imagine the difference you can feel in your health by drinking more water at different moments of the day. The organism is largely composed of this vital fluid and dehydration leads to a series of aesthetic and health risks. In order to keep aging away, it’s recommended to drink at least 8 cups of water per day, increasing it during those days of physical training. Natural juices are a very good alternative to help rejuvenate the skin cells. 
  3. Having a sedentary life - Not giving your body a regular level of activity is one of the main causes of early aging. Find an activity that adjusts to your schedule and needs because when you sweat, your skin liberates toxins
  4. Eating trans-fat food and refined flours - These “food” we find in the supermarket only accelerates aging. Replace them with whole-grain food. 
  5. Smoking and not using sunscreen - This powerful and destructive combination makes the dermis more fragile, affecting the production of collagen and elastin. 
What other bad habits do you think can make your skin age prematurely? Let us know in the comments below!