Welcome the New Year with Medical-Grade Skincare Products: Why you should make the switch

Did you know that according to Grand View Research, the global skincare market size is estimated to reach USD 183.03 billion by 2025? 

Thanks to skincare enthusiasts like you and me, the skincare industry is definitely thriving and constantly coming up with new products begging for consumers to try. By now, you've probably invested in products for your perfect skincare routine.

Over-the-counter products are still the number one choice and for practical reasons - they’re cheaper and more accessible.  But the truth is, most over-the-counter products don’t really do much to alter the appearance of the skin. Some of these ingredients are not potent enough to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. 

So what’s the next best alternative? Medical-grade skincare products!

These are FDA approved and potent enough to actually make a difference in your skin. We've listed the top 3 reasons why you should make the switch today. 

Medical-grade skincare products are backed by research

Medical skincare companies invested years in clinical studies and research just to produce safe and clinically tested skin care products. They contain 99% pure ingredients and are regulated by the FDA. This means that they are guaranteed to be safe, effective, and have undergone secondary trials before putting them out in the market.  

Medical-grade skincare products are better in quality than over-the-counter counterparts. Most drugstore products are self-regulated and don’t really offer a guarantee of safety and potency. 

Medical-grade skincare products have more active ingredients

Active ingredients in skincare products are ones that can alter physical changes on the skin. Vitamin C, retinoids, and antioxidants are the most common examples. 

When it comes to active ingredients, medical-grade skincare products contain higher concentrations. Since over-the-counter products are not regulated by the FDA, the active ingredients put on these products are capped at a specific rate. This alone makes medical-grade skincare products a more effective alternative that shows faster results. 

Think about this, you might need to use 10 to 20 drugstore products to get the results of just 1 medical-grade counterpart. 

Medical-grade skin care products can deliver to the deeper layers of the skin

Over-the-counter skin care products only work on the surface of the skin. For a product to really make a difference, it must penetrate deep into the skin. This can only be achieved if you use medical-grade skin care products because these products are specially formulated to do just that. These products work all the way down to the dermis, where elastin and collagen are, and the basal layer where new cells are produced. 

Medical-grade skincare products are not that expensive.

While medical-grade skincare products definitely cost more than others, its regulation ensures that potency and effectivity are in place. In the long run, you don't need to buy and use 20 different products before seeing actual results. We're pretty sure you won't be throwing money around when you buy medical-grade skincare products.  

With medical-grade skincare products, the higher concentrations of active ingredients penetrate deep layers of the skin so you end up having greater looking skin in a shorter amount of time. 

Medical-grade products are prescribed by skin care professionals and are tailor-fit for your skin's needs. If you opt for over-the-counter skincare, you’re choosing and trying out products on your own. With a large number of products out there, you’re never sure what is right or not for your skin. The trial and error can be more expensive for you to do in the long run. 

You never have to worry about that with medical-grade skincare because you will always have a professional to help guide you on what's best for your skin type. 

Still can’t decide if you should make the switch now? You can set-up an appointment with us and let's help you find the right product that is perfect for your skin’s needs.