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Happy. I've been thinking a lot about what's going on in the world currently, and I wondered what are you doing for yourself to help you be present and content at the moment, right now. When we see and feel darkness there is an opportunity to find the Light in all situations. I want to help you find this light that can lead to happiness and return it to your soul. I believe there is One who loves you more than you could ever know.  

-Leslie Lee, RN

I suppose that we all view happiness in a different light. At this moment, happiness is looking out the window and being free to be and believe whatever I choose. It is in the moments of mass chaos that you can take a moment, breathe and just be. 

This is your box of “happy”.

What does happy mean to you? Please take this box, what's inside and enjoy the moments. Here is an opportunity to let go of the burdens that weigh you down. Embrace yourself with grace. Get rid of the burdens just for a minute and soak in the love of the people around you. Renew your soul with truth. 



YOU are wonderfully made with a purpose. 


  1. Pop-Open Cards - Live happy with these little pop-open cards with messages that speak and remind you to savor every moment, seek joy, be grateful and celebrate the good things. Open a card whenever you need a reminder that blessings are all around you, or share them and offer a ray of sunshine. 
  2. Sticker - Stick on something that inspires you to live a life that's grateful and graceful! 
  3. Lip Balm - Sweet Acai & Blueberry Lip Balm Moisturizing lip balm made for 100% Naturally derived ingredients including coconut oil, beeswax, Sweet Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, and vitamin E. Each tube has a net weight of 4.5 grams.
  4. Lotion Bar - Solid goat's milk lotion sticks that will hydrate, moisturize and leave your skin smooth and silky. All-natural ingredients that will last a long time! Each tube contains .5 oz of lotion. These lotion bars have multiple uses: Hand & body lotion, especially great for elbows, knees, feet. Cuticle Balm, Hair Pomade, Solid Perfume 
  5. Surprise Samples - Get some skincare freebie samples and other surprise gifts!

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